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 Item NumberDescriptionCase/Pack 
4700043 Big Ceramic San Judas Tadeo 8
4700044 Big Ceramic Fatima 8
4700045 Big Ceramic Sagrado Corazon 8
4700046 Big Ceramic Virgen De La 8
4700047 Big Ceramic Teresita 8
4700048 Big Ceramic Virgen Maria 8
4700049 Big Ceramic Caridad 8
4700050 Big Ceramic Sagrado Corazon 8
4700051 Big Ceramic San Jose 8
4700055 Big Ceramic Jesus W/ Candle 6
4700056 Big Ceramic Juan Diego 16
4700057 Big Ceramic Virgen Guadalupe 16
4700058 Big Ceramic San Judas Tadeo 16
4700059 Big Ceramic Divino Nino 12
4700060 Big Ceramic Sagrado Familia 12
4700061 Big Ceramic Juan Diego 12
4700062 Big Ceramic Guadalupe 12
4700063 Big Ceramic Divino Nino 12
4700064 Big Ceramic Juan Diego 12
4700065 Big Ceramic San Judas 12
4700066 Big Ceramic Jesus 12
4700067 BIg Ceramic Divino Nino 12
4700068 Big Ceramic Juan Diego 12
4700069 Big Ceramic San Judas Tadeo 12
4700070 Big Ceramic Virgen Guadalupe 12
1 2
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